Right about now you are probably whispering a quiet, "Huh?" Not many people outside of the cleaning or insurance industries really know what "restoration" means. Well, quite simply it means saving your personal belonging even when you didn't think we could.

That means if you have a fire in your home, we will remove the smoke and soot contaminant through a sophisticated ozone oxidation process. If you have a water line break, we'll remove the moisture that leaves clothes smelling musty from mildew and/or mold, and return your clothes ready to wear. If home decor items are included within the water or fire damage, we'll ensure that stains from mildew or mold, smoke and soot are removed with equal efficiency. Remember, whether we wet clean or dryclean your clothing, bedding, draperies or other textiles found in your home, we'll make sure that we carefully restore each piece in accordance with all environmental standards.

The restoration process is conducted in cooperation with your insurance company. As the claim is processed, we'll meet with you to ascertain what clothing you need immediately, and what items can be delivered later. We'll answer any questions you might have, and if your loss is significant and you need to stop by our shop to pick up additional items, we'll welcome your visit. Our commitment to you is returning your items in a way that both surprises and satisfies.

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