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Art Restoration


Art Restoration, the newest division within CRDN of Arizona, is ready to serve.


WSDLA article, April 2021


Michael, our owner, was recently interviewed by the Western States Drycleaner and Laundry Association (WSDLA). The article will run next month; however, he was asked about the future of the industry. Here are his comments:

“In many ways, I don’t believe we will experience “business as usual” again. However, there is an unseen benefit for us. Our “usual” relied on technology -- to operate our machinery, track customer projects or orders, maintain accurate supply inventory, and engage with other businesses to maintain state of the art performance – while many businesses had to literally learn how to log on.


Market Research from Grandview Research


Good news from Grandview Research for small business owners in our industry...Rising consumer spending on such services is likely to fuel the growth of market during the forecast period (2020-2027).

Dry-cleaning and laundry services are emerging as a reliable and convenient service at a reasonable price as nowadays, busy consumers are willing to pay for their laundry. A growing working population globally, coupled with rising spending on clothes and cleaning services, are expected to further fuel the demand for such services during the forecast period.

Respond - Restore - Resume


RESPOND - When Every Minute Counts

CRDN is ready to respond at a moment's notice. We start the recovery process by communicating with policyholders early on. Our team will schedule a site visit to scope the loss. Insurance adjusters rely on our expert guidance to determine the best way to proceed on a claim. We work alongside adjusters, contractors, and third party administrators to help policyholders get back on their feet.